My psychic ability started when I was quite young. Often I would know what was going to happen before it actually happened.

As I grew older I was able to read faces and places, as well as feeling energy.

I have been given a wonderful gift to work with and I am truly grateful.

When I picked up my first pack of Tarot cards I found I was able to read them instantly.

I work with spirit guides and angels communicating with them to help people, often with messages coming through for the person I am with. My spirit guides work with me to comfort people who are experiencing difficult times.

We work on focus, and support, in coaching the person to re-gain direction on their life journey.

I also read photos and interpret dreams.

I am a professional counsellor working on a spiritual level.

Professional qualifications

JudithK: B. Couns. Dip. Couns. MACA. MAIPC
Registered member of both Australian Counselling Association and Perth Counselling Association Western Australia. (ACA).

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