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Clairvoyance is seeing using the third eye and has often been referred to as that extra or spiritual vision. Seeing things that maybe others can't see.

Clairvoyance has been around since primitive tribes with people experiencing visions and describing them with amazing accuracy.

Angels often visit Judith letting her see them and she often sees other person's Angels and Spirit guides.

With modern society the clairvoyance skill has been inhibited with a lot of people not believing in themselves. Any one can develop their clairvoyant skills through believing and having true focus on their vision.

Judith often sees places and faces sometimes events from the past and sometimes seeing an event before it actually happens. The extra vision Judith has been blessed with, has given her an incredible ability that has been valuable into being able to give insight to people by seeing and confirming events and situations. Judith can also teach you to develop spiritually.

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