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Dreaming has always fascinated people since life began.

Dreams hold a mysterious spell over us with many people not knowing what our dreams mean to us.

Messages come in dreams, bringing more awareness in our lives', helping us to resolve issues. Quite often loved ones come through in dreams.

Dreams can be peaceful with angels spirit guides or loved ones visiting us. Dreams can also take us to places and often brings us new faces. Sometimes it is hard to remember what we dream with only parts of the dream being remembered.

In dream interpretation, Judith will ask you the details of your dream and how it has affected you.

Having a bad dream or nightmare is often very disturbing but it does not always mean bad things. Sometimes the dreamer has a psychic dream, that is when they dream something and then it happens. This can be frightening to the dreamer if it is not fully understood.

This could indicate the dreamer may have psychic ability but does not recognize it within themselves.

Judith will interpret your dream which may bring clarity and a sense of peace to you.

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