Heal the soul with positive thoughts and revive energy levels by reducing stress.

Energy healing is also called Chakra or faith healing. The session consists of you laying on a therapist bed and Judith will talk you through some relaxed deep breathing exercises allowing for your stress levels to calm.

Judith will then hover her hands above your body feeling the energy, often picking up an area within the body that may need attention.

Energy healing is also recommended for people who have an existing illness as it helps to relax the mind and cope better with their illness or injury.

Energy healing is wonderful for any one who seeks peace within the soul and especially effective for any one who has suffered a loss of a loved one.

The healing allows the mind to quiet blocking out any negative thoughts as you start to feel peace and tranquility.

Energy healing is an experience for everyone especially stressed situations, students, any one suffering from grief, a break in a relationship or any sort of decision making as it promotes clarity of mind.

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